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I pressed the repost button again, but the track does not disappear.
What to do?

same problem here! can't unrepost nor repost new stuff! I tried a lot of things like : upgrading flash, disabling my antivirus, log in another computer, nothing work 😞
logging in and out twice seemed to let them to stick but when they show up in the stream its when you originally posted them so they start out burried!!
For some reason only about 10-20 percent of the reposts that we are getting are actually showing up on the other accounts feed.

the track is

we have reposts that aren't coming through like the one from Too Dope and Slander.

What is going on here????? Is there any solution??
Hi there,

I just posted a track today and requested a few people to repost my track to their accounts. They let me know they had reposted it but I never got a notification that it had been reposted and additionally when I got to their page, I do not see my track under their reposts. However, when I navigate to my track and click the repost tally number to view everyone that has reposted my track, I see those accounts listed in there as having reposted my track, though is not actually displaying on their page. This is the link to my track:

And here is an example of an account where they are showing up under my reposts but the track is not actually displaying on their page:

Can someone help me resolve this please? This is problematic as these accounts that have agreed to repost my track are crucial for my marketing and such.

Thank you!

Same! I've had a bunch of reposts today on a track that isn't showing up in both my feed, or other peoples pages. Thanks soundcloud for making todays release a success
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Watch out guys... I don't know if any of you have noticed, but the same problem is affecting follows. This one really kinda upset me as well, because I realized that for the past few days, accounts that I clicked 'follow' on didn't actually get followed. I've never had to keep external records of who I follow, so those discoveries are simply lost. Nice one, SC.
  • Click 'Follow' on an account.
  • 'Follow' button lights up, changes to 'Following'.
  • Checking recent activity, followed accounts, or re-visiting the target account shows no evidence I ever followed them.
Sound familiar? I suggest everyone double-check new follows until this problem is resolved.

same! reposts don't work right 😞 please fix this!
That's very bad! I released a track yesterday and almost no repost is working. Nice timing :(

Here is the track:
i have the same problem, reposts are not working! please fix this issue asap...
does the support work on weekend? or do we need to wait until monday at least? -.-
guys do you all use artist union? maybe that's the problem
hey soundcloud are you guys gonna fix this cause it's been going on for the last 3 days, I reposted 'bloodshed' by limaru, and the 'Project Paradis' ep (which if you check the list of reposts, is being reposted by fairly prolific people but isn't showing up on people's feed that follow them, or their profile). I checked on lots of devices and connections and nothing changes. One of my reposts finally showed up after about 12 hours since I had reposted it, that being the 'Phuture Collective Charity Mixtape'. Hope dis gets fix'd soon.
Hey! Writing here to let you know that there is a bug when we try to repost tracks. Either it doesn't appear on our profile, either it's impossible to unrepost it..
I am having the same issue. On this track: it shows some of my friends under "reposts" but the song doesn't show up on their profiles. I think it has to do with mobile users, because it happened to my girlfriend, but when I logged into her account on my desktop it reposted without issue.

Same here with this track
You can clearly see some reposts but it doesn't show up on their profile.
Other accounts attempting to repost my track do not show up on their profile or alert me to it. What's going on? Why is this happening?
Same issue with me.
found the current thread that the moderators are going to over here:
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guys do you all use artist union? maybe that's the problem
I don't use artist union or have any other service connected to my SoundCloud account.

Problem still persisting, but I doubt their tech people work on the weekends, unless there is some catastrophic failure. Obviously reposts and follows are working for some people, because my stream is still packed with reposts as usual.
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In another thread I got wind that un-reposts do not work either. Basically the same behavior as the repost and follow bugs, but in reverse. So, I tested it myself, and yeah ... it's broken just the same as the reposts and follows:
  • I un-repost a track from my stream.
  • The track disappears from my stream as if I un-reposted it.
  • On a refresh, my repost is still in the stream, but the "Repost" button is dark, like I never re-posted it.
I sincerely hope all of these bugs are connected. Feels like the house is made of straw and the big bad wolf is blowing it down. I have no doubt that any action you take on SC right now (like, follow, repost, etc.) has a high probability chance of not being successful.

Same problem here, some reposted tracks and specifically playlist are not showing on profiles or feeds and a number of my friends have the same problem, also the e-mail notification light comes on a couple of days after an e-mail is recieved.
none of mine are working either
Same problem here!!!!!!!!!!
Only half of mine are working with all accounts! Same problems...