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same problem here.. I can post the tracks but i cant see the most of them in my profile or they are gone after a while /or loggin out and in..?!? 😞
bei mir das gleiche !! wars das jetzt mit SoundCloud ? seit 4 tagen wurde der Fehler nicht behoben ?? bei meinen freunden genau das gleiche ??

was geht ab ?
I can not clear my reposted songs and I can't repost songs?
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Hi Mathis,

As you can see in the image it is still not working properly. There are still tracks in my profile that I have unreposted (you can see it by the button not being orange).

What's the status on this?
Can this be fixed soon 😑
Recently every time I try to repost a song on soundcloud it doesn’t appear on my profile and just doesn’t repost. How do I fix this? I’ve tired adding songs to playlists and this function works, but not reposting.
Almost ONE WEEK with this problem and this guys from soundcloud even didn't show ANY warning about until now!
Almost ONE WEEK with this problem and this guys from soundcloud even didn't show ANY warning about until now!!!
Almost ONE WEEK with this problem and this guys from soundcloud even didn't show ANY warning about until now!!!!
Same problem here.
Re-posts of play lists and tracks not working either...really makes it difficult to participate in the community, if you cant do certain things.
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hey Soundcloud! I think that there is a bug because I have recently tried to repost some mixes and they are not showing on my wall even though the track repost button is orange and says reposted.

I first noticed it on Friday after I reposted a mix by Mall Grab and it wasnt showing on my wall...

Have you capped the number of reposts per user?? would love to continue using Soundcloud and I have been a huge supporter of your community for a while now, pls keep me posted!
Hey I am trying to un repost some songs Refreshing doesn't help. Logging off and on doesn't help. would someone please look into why the unreposted tracks Are still visable on my profile
Oh! So it's a real bug, I thought it was just me, lol. Same shit here with me. (From Paris)
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Thank you for your response on this! I appreciate you guys. Been waiting for some closure on the issue. Hopefully the team can solve this issue. It's really hurting a lot of independent artists and labels right now. A lot of hard work has been put in pre promoting and preparing campaigns for releases across the board only to have them not show for up to a week. I know some people with 1m+ account reposts that haven't showed. It's been hugely discouraging to a lot of artists and users.

I know it's an internal issue and hopefully you guys can figure it out fast. I hope maybe you guys can consider raising the reach ratio of reposts and releases for a week or so after this so people can catch up. I know a lot of artists would thank you.

Again I appreciate all you guys do for us and this is in no way negative.

Hi again,

Thank you for your reports around this. Our engineers have confirmed something is causing for your reposts / unreposts to not render properly. They are looking into this issue at the moment and we're hoping for a quick fix.

Thanks for hanging in there.

Hey Mathis, I noticed this problem as well with my reposts. I sent my track out to a few people that reposted them (on accounts with several thousand followers) and they don't appear in their feed....

Any update on the bug? After this is fixed, should I recontact the people who reposted this?
having same problem, stat reposts also differ from whats listed on song
Hello, it's been few days that when I repost a song, and although it is confirmed that I have already reposted it when I click on the song again, it does not appear on my "repost wall", no matter how many times I refresh the page. How to fix this problem?
Mine is doing the exact same thing!! I click repost and is says "track has been reposted" but never actually shows up on my profile! I just have to like tracks until it gets fixed.
Hey, since yesterday, guys, I'm usually reposted some tracks, but now some of them they do not appear on my profile like reposted( they just stay in the same place & it appears in the repos list of the track), why?

THAT APPEARS AT Reposted on Windows (EXPLORER browser)
Hey Soundcloud,

We've noticed the same problem happening on our accounts, reposts are being made but not displayed on the feed or even on the account. This is really affecting independent labels and artists since some rely on the reposting system to promote their tracks to bigger audiences.

Please fix this, many are losing their efforts and time with this problem...

Thank you
Same problem here....
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Bump! Soundcloud this is inexcusable how for days you are not fixing anything! It's time a good alternative for soundcloud will come to life so that you guys will put some effort into making a proper user experience instead of riding on the wave of your monopoly!