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  • 5 December 2017
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Same thing happened to me yesterday! So strange yet devastating - hopefully it's temporary 😕
I use Soundcloud dailey and most of the time I have no complains, but yesterday I discovered something that freaked me out.
Suddenly when I look at my page (D-Batic), all my (single) reposted track are gone!! All the tracks I put on my page over the last year or 2 are gone!!

The strainge thing is that when i go to a track that a repsted a couple of days ago, the Repost button is on like i reposted it.
But when i go to my page i don't see nothing. the only tracks that are on my page now are some playlists but I NEED all my other Reposted tracks! =(

I need the music to get trough the workday and I'm always the person on parties that puts on the music!
Please somebody!!! I hope that cit an be fixed else I have lost all the tracks I collected over the year(s)
I hope anybody can help me!!
The only songs that are showing up on my profile, are the ones I uploaded myself.
How can I get all of the songs I re-posted back?
I've been working on my playlist for years.
I got the same freaking problem! With the page/account of a friend of mine is nothing wrong.
But on my page all the (single) reposts are gone! The collection i gathered over the years just gone.....

Like sad before when I look at a track that i reposted a view days ago, the Repost button is on but on my page there is nothing to be seen.
Hope that it can be fixed because it isn't possible to find all those tracks again 😞
I WANT THE TRACKS BACK!!! :?:?:?:(:(:(:(:(
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for hanging in there. Our engineers have investigated this and are working on a fix. No data was lost, merely your reposts aren't displaying properly at the moment.
My 6 years of reposted music are gone from my profile 😞 Please help... went into work sad without my music.
Ok glad its getting fixed, I noticed it yesterday and I almost cried. been on here since 2010.
Same thing here!!?
Same problem here. I noticed only playlist reposts are intact. Everything gone except today's reposts.. my profile here:

I hope this will be fixed soon.
Hello Why my reposts dissapear
whats happening?????? i want my reposts back!!!!
why all of my reposts are missing?
Same issue with me. I hope the bug gets fixed soon. Thank you!
The exact same thing has happened to me and I'm freaking out!!! Will be absolutely devastated if I've lost all my reposts 😞
Same happened to me, super upset
Suddenly,all my reposts disappeared!!
I don't know why.. and how to solve this issue..and I don't know if this is the right place to say that..
I tried to send a ticket with but my problem not listed.. and the twitter support account just reply automated reply!
There are major gaps in my reposts now and I am distraught. Typically saving the best for my reposts and all of a sudden they are missing.

Really upset about it. The reposts were the most accurate representation of my taste.

I hope Soundcloud is able to help the community get back their reposts.

Happy to be a paying customer until this.... =(

Reposts is the place to go for the best songs on most people's accounts. And there are no soundcloud playlists from soundcloud so it's sad to see all my reposts and others disappear.
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Hi again everyone,

Thanks for keep these reports coming. It looks like the initial fix our engineers deployed yesterday solve the issue for some, but not for all of you, hence I saw your new reports when I looked into the community this morning. An additional fix should now be out and your reposts should display as expected again.

Sorry for any inconvenience & all the best
So mine never even came back from over 2 months ago, and now ALL of them are gone. I dont' want to have to switch services, but if my reposts aren't there, then I'm using SoundCloud for nothing.
i have the same problem, only my playlists are present but all of my reposts are gone ,, i signed out and checked my profile, and i had the same result, the reposts are disappeared ...
Today I logged into my soundcloud and noticed all of my reposts compiled over the past few years have been deleted from my page. Is there any way I can have this restored? I use the feature to not only share music but also go back and revisit later. Over three years of music just vanished overnight. My profile is

I’m having the same problem, my profile username is andxxy. I am a paying SoundCloud Go paying customer and have been using this app for 4 years. Please restore the music I listen to everyday
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mine disappeared too 😞 is it a display issue or what?
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mine are all gone too. the "fix" didn't fix anything for me.