Same ad after almost every song

  • 24 June 2019
  • 1 reply

I am hearing the same add so often it is beginning to drive me insane. Almost after every song, it does not help that the person in the add has a ridiculously annoying voice (Deliveroo ad about "food freedom")

I dont mind hearing the odd advert but the frequency of adverts on soundcloud is getting beyond the joke especially considering I am playing for soundcloud pro. I would suggest that users who pay for soundcloud pro should at least have to listen to less adverts than free users.

1 reply

Userlevel 2

You can turn off targeted advertising by going to 'Settings' here:

Go to the advertising tab, and then flip the switch on 'Personalize the ads you receive'. That way, you won't hear the same commercial each time, you'll hear promoted content from SoundCloud instead.

Hopefully this helps!