same related songs in every song of mine

  • 16 January 2015
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every time i post a song, after a couple of days the related songs change to the same three
a lot of my songs sound different between each other so it'd make sense if the related tracks were different as well, but even if they didnt, there still isnt a reason for the related tracks to be the exact same in every single song of mine
here's a pic of the songs that appear in the related tracks

sorry for bad grammar btw, and thanks for the attention.

1 reply

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Hey there Raphael,

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that the recommended sounds don't seem to be changing. These tracks are selected by an algorithm that returns recommendations through a network of relations and interactions on SoundCloud (for example a user liked a track, a user followed another user, a track is reposted etc.). The recommendations for a track can be both directly or indirectly related to tracks in this network.

Unfortunately, there's not a way to remove or edit the recommended tracks from your individual sound's page at this time. Our developers are currently working on ways to improve the related sounds feature to be more relevant to your profile and uploaded sounds. I will go ahead and forward your concern about recommended tracks for our engineers to consider, as your interest in SoundCloud and your ability to use it properly is important to us.

Hope this helps to shed a bit of light on the issue.