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  • 11 August 2015
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I understand the search features in Soundcloud are attempting to be the most fair possible. I am posting Celtic music mostly and I use "celtic" in my titles.

I don't understand how my music still isn't showing up in searches and my site info is under an act that actually plays jazz but they call themselves Celtic Note?? Also above me in ranking are a site that admits it doesn't use original work and a few more that have been inactive for quite what does it take to show up in my genre for those outside of the musicians who simply want to hear celtic music? I want to optimize myself in my genre and the playing field doesn't make sense to me.

I find it hard to believe that most of soundcloud is Rock,EDM and RAP or hip hop...acoustic and relaxing music doesn't seem to fit as well into the searches for people looking for this kind of music.

I hope this message doesn't come off as someone groaning...I'm really not, but I do work hard on my music and I want it to at least get a fair shake. Know what I mean?

Thank you for any suggestion you may have! Have a good day!


2 replies

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Thanks for writing in about this. In relation to search optimisation within our algorithm takes into consideration profile activity, followers, plays, and longevity of account. Outside of, users who have a space in their name (example Celtic Starise instead of CelticStarise) will have a better chance of showing higher in search results. Also, repeating your username in track titles and in track descriptions will also boost your SEO.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Gina. You have been very helpful. I used your suggestion in regards to adding my name in front of my song titles, although I get a response on screen that replies that I don't need to do that. I did it anyways. Thanks!

I wondered if you have brainstorming sessions with other members of Soundcloud to discuss ideas? Or if there is a person who could actually make changes to the algorithm policy in regards to plays popularity and ranking..let me try to put it another way.

If ranking in my genre is based partially on plays, how can I get plays if no one knows about me ? Yes I have made friends with many on Soundcloud, I try to comment on others music when I can but it just isn't practical to base my ranking partially on my attempts to follow and connect with thousands of followers one at a time nor is this possible for me to do.

If the algorithm looks at plays, this means it can be fooled when people buy plays. And this is scary in that it means the cheaters and those who pay extra for promotion will rise to the top. There are a few who are making music in more popular genres who do it honestly and do well, but for the most part it all seems like smoke and mirrors to me.

Is there any dialog whatsoever on the table to at least look at the way the algorithim works and try to make improvements?

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