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  • 22 May 2016
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I have over 2000 likes so trying to find a particular song which i liked a while back is practically impossible. All the music I have heard over the years gets lost because of the way the likes page is set up and its very frustrating when i'm trying to find a song that liked some time ago and have to go through slow loading pages upon pages to get to it. Why cannot there be a search feature for the your soundcloud likes. You've given us the option of creating a library by being able to like songs but we have no control over that library. By searching your likes through artists or keywords will make life so much easier, please do something about this.

4 replies

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I agree. We definitely need a good Soundcloud search feature, not just for 'likes,' but also for our own Playlists. There's no way of finding songs within our compilations, and thus often we have no idea that a song has been dropped from the list, regardless of the reason. The ability to search, by name, author, and/or post date, would solve this. (Next: a feature to create files, to add links and additional info from external sources, about songs and lists.) Please let us know. Thanks
YES!! I have so many favourites, the ones not recent are just lost. Hours and hours of searching on Soundcloud actually lost, or transferred to Spotify! I need an easy way to see old favourites!!!!!
Fully agree with this thread. Guess its not worth the development cost to SC, or maybe they're just trying to stick to a really minimalist UI.
Bump because it's 2 years later and there is still no way to search likes. As a developer myself I find it rather weird that this functionality is not implemented yet. Should be pretty easy to implement, my guess is that they don't want to because [insert reason here] ?