Shuffle on desktop is broken

  • 6 November 2017
  • 2 replies

Hey, so the shuffle mode on the desktop version of soundcloud is broken. It only shuffles with the songs you currently have loaded, meaning you have to scroll through all of your songs (which can take minutes) to load all of them, and then the shuffle mode will work. Do you think someone could fix this?

2 replies

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Ya, just came searching around about this. I can't suffle playlist or reposts and when I shuffle likes its only the first handfull of songs and I have liked well over a thousand songs.....

I have heard someone report that even tho they scrolled all the way down, which for me is endless, it only started playing songs to where they scrolled down town and didn't include what was at the top.
Fix that! Please! 🧨🛠️🧨 It works well on Mobile! I love it! But not on Desktop!