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I've noticed for months now that many old songs that I've liked in the past have been disappearing from my account. I am without a doubt certain that I have liked them but for some reason they keep being unliked. It's really stressing me out is this happening to anyone else?

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This has happened many times to me also. I will like the song again after being unliked, and it will keep happening, PLEASE fix this, I loose so many old tracks
Yeah this is still happening. -June 7th 2019

I've had it happen multiple times, sometimes with the same song repeatedly. The only reason I catch it, is because I have a lot of my songs in playlists. A few songs I can directly recall would be "Murder Me Slowly" by ITSOKAYTOCRY this song automatically disappears from my likes every few months consistently and its been happening for over two years. Another song is "Elixir" by GHOSTEMANE this is the most recent offense. And they are not being deleted or removed by the poster or by SoundCloud. I can still go and find them and listen to them. The songs will still have all the plays and comments they had prior. And they can still be found in playlists, but I don't put every song in playlist. So maybe I should spend hours sending 1207 tracks to different playlists? Or I could switch to Spotify? Or SoundCloud could try a little harder and fix these things. Sure we don't know how difficult it could be to fix these things, but it probably isn't difficult at all.

SoundCloud, please get your shit together. There's other bugs, that I'm sure you are aware of. Please fix your website, and phone app too.
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Hi there,

Hmm, when tracks disappear from your likes or from a playlist, this can have several reasons:

a) The track was deleted by the original uploader
b) The track was set to private by the original uploader
c) The track was blocked by our content ID system due to a copyright issue.

When you noticed that a track had disappeared from your likes, were you then able to find the same track from the same user again?

Hope this helps.

This has happened to me 5 times in one month now. Yes, if I happen to remember the exact name of the track, I can find it again with the same user. This is extremely annoying, and you guys really should do something about it. Canceling my SoundCloud Go subscription until this is fixed.
I've noticed the same bug. Several times, a track that I had liked gets unliked when I listen to it, without me doing anything about it. I think this happened mostly while using the mobile app.

I think this is an important issue, firstly because it is uncomfortable to have our favorite tracks unliked like this. Secondly because this bug causes Soundcloud artists to have less likes on their songs (because of these unwanted unlikes).
I am also noticing this!! Some songs I am finding are reposted but not liked and I NEVER repost a song without liking it.
This happens to me a lot. I have tons of songs that just aren't there anymore and I am able to remember some of them, look them up, and relike them. So the songs I know aren't private or anything like that because I can like them again and they appear in my like playlist. It is a real problem i feel like over 100 songs have just disappeared and been unliked by Soundcloud because I know for a fact I didn't unlike them.
Even popular songs that have been on the platform for years gets unliked from my likes. Three years later and this is still a problem. But hey remember to get SoundcloudGO

Bruh fix this.
I’ve been noticing this happen much more often recently. It also seems that when you re-like the song you’ve kept your previous spot in line when viewing the people that have liked the track + the track appears in your likes in its previous location. (in my case 1500 or more songs back) :sweat:

I have this problem constantly, and am frustrated with Mathis' response. Once I save a track, I shouldnt have to remember the excact name from the top of my head. further, many of my favorite tracks on soundc.loud are obscure artists, that arent mainstream enough to remember. Soundcloud has billions of songs, with thousands on my playlist, so you assuming that I could simply search it and add it again is very unintelligent, and not so helpful. The title of a song, and album art. Isnt affected by copywright. Sure. Soundcloud needs to resolve this issue by simply keeping the name of the song in the playlist, and making the song unlistenable. Mathis, I EMPLORE you to fix this major inconvenience. Many dont even realize that they are loosing their music. People pay for 12 dollars a month for a premium service with mix tape releases, and on the go music. we shouldnt have to deal with this udder apathetic bullcrap.

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same, so many songs are being unliked i also had one undo repost it very annoying i wonder if they will fix all the bugs
This has also happened to me. 100s of songs are removed from my listening history. The only way I am able to keep track is by seeing the numerous rows of unliked songs in my playlists. This is especially frustrating as I support many small artists who could use this.