Sound Distortion on PC

  • 26 November 2017
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@Tom Jenkinson

im on Mac OS
I primarily use MacOS, but I just tried this on Windows and it still sounds distorted.
Another bit of information I've discovered is that a newly uploaded track will sound great immediately after uploading and clicking "Go to your track", but as soon as I refresh the page, the quality drops.
Same thing happens if I clear cookies in my browser, it'll sound fine when I first visit after clearing cookies but once I refresh the page the problem comes back.
@Rixir @Tom Jenkinson I just tried deleting cookies on Chrome,(which subsequently logged me out), refreshing the track page, and that fixes the distortion. However, after hitting refresh another time or logging back in, the distortion is reintroduced - getting even worse on the second and third refreshes.
@Tom Jenkinson Disabling cookies for SoundCloud in Chrome fixes the issue, however this is not a practical solution because as soon as I refresh the page, I am immediately logged out of my account.

This does point out that the issue is likely related to SoundCloud's handling of cookies.
the problem is the browser, mozilla add this rare buzz
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for reporting here. We might have found part of the problem now, but it will take a bit longer to fix.

If you master your tracks to -2db or below though, the distortion should go away, so please try this.
@Tom JenkinsonI just tested with my track at -2db and also at -10db and the distortion is just as bad.
@Tom JenkinsonHas there been any progress on this issue?
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Hey @VIZITOR we are rolling out some changes soon which will hopefully fix this.
@Tom Jenkinson Is there an ETA?
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@VIZITOR please could you perform a 'force refresh' and try now?
@Tom Jenkinson A force refresh didn't change anything. Deleting cookies did fix the issue, but a single refresh of the page reverts it back to the distorted version.
I have the same problem but not only on several browsers (Firefox & Chrome) but also on the mobile app (iPhone 6). Please fix this issue asap, it's really annoying.
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Is there any sign of a fix for this, I see other useres complainging about it as well.... Come on Soundcloud, sure this is something that should be at the top of yur list to get fixed, what's the point in hosting my music on it when it sounds terrible??
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Hi there,

If there were any audible issues with the streaming quality, these are currently being investigated by our engineers and should soon disappear. Apart from that, please see here for more info on our general streaming quality and the recent discussions about it.