Sound drops out for a moment at 2 seconds

  • 8 December 2016
  • 5 replies

Whenever I play a track the sound drops out for a moment at 2 seconds. This has just started to happen and happens on any track on Soundcloud, mine or others.

5 replies

I'm in the same trouble for a few days... Someone! Please tell us how to fix it!!

It might occur on my mac with safari.
I can play tracks normally on iPad with safari and SoundCloud app.
Hey !

I have the same recurring problem on Safari (10.0.1):
Drop 2sec at start on every tracks !


This issue seems to be fixed today...

I've reported regarding the issue to SoundCloudSupport - san last week.
Thank you someone...
I have been having this issue for months. It is not fixed. Almost every track drops out at around 2 seconds in. Did anyone find a solution?
This problem also occurs in Firefox running on Windows. It is definitely not fixed. Would love a solution.