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  • 29 March 2018
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After seven years as a pro user it’s time to move on. These SoundClowns do not deserve the incredible community that WE have built.

Between dealing with ads on a “pro” account, being unceremoniously blocked from commenting like some spam bot (despite constant bombardment by actual spam bots), and having tracks of my original music being pulled for copyright violation though no such violation exists, it is clear this platform has jumped the shark. What’s worse, zero support. I’ve sunk about a thousand dollars over the last seven years and these clowns could care less. Plus, who writes your algorithms? If you knew me at all, you’d know the last thing my feed needs is another suburban white 14-year old pretending to be Diplo. Gross! And your mobile app(s) suck.

One look at this “support” page and it’s clear I’m not alone. These themes are repeated like a broken record. This is really more of a support group than support. So, where do y’all want to go? What are your favorite SoundCloud alternatives? I love the community we’ve built, unfortunately the trustees of our estate can not be trusted with our best interests.

Who’s with me?
(I’ll be curious to see if this post is deleted.)

5 replies

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I am in.
My alternative is hearthisat at the moment.
If Soundcloud deleted your post then, I won't be in here.
Soundcloud is struggling their bussiness anyway. They had closed international offices.
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Thanks for the lead. I’ll be checking it out.
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I've signed up at hearthisat too. I'm still hopeful this comment debacle will be solved,despite the silence.

You can only upload an mp3 file on hearthisat unless you pay premium,which seems to be around 33 Euros.

I don't know how new this platform is,but there doesn't appear to be any community as yet. To be perfectly honest,I'd miss the music of people I follow on soundcloud. The situation is farcical. 😞
I think I understand why something strange happened to me yesterday ...

yesterday was surprised with a popup saying that I do not like so many tracks, keep the human traffic from the network .... I got a big scare ... but I readily accepted the tip and decided to come here to make a formal apology ....
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Hi @Adam Woodard, and hello everyone else on this topic,

I won't recommend any alternate services, but would like to address some of the things from your original post. I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing so much trouble with SoundCloud as of late. Based on your current subscription, you should actually not hear any ads at this time. If you're still hearing them, though, feel free to reach out to our subscription team so they can investigate this for you in further detail. You can do this here.

The commenting block you've been referring to in a bunch of topics is something that I have reported to our Trust & Safety team, and it looks like some fine tuning of the system that controls these blocks went wrong, which caused for some users to get a block in error. Our engineers are on it. Unfortunately, fake activity & spam require for the team to constantly adjust and improve the systems, i.e. this is an ongoing struggle.

In regards to your copyright issues, please reach out to the team that handles these type of cases. You can do this via Please note that the process often includes the collection of personal data, hence they are not moderating questions around this on the community.

How would you improve our mobile apps if you could? (feel free to set up a topic about this in the "Ideas for SoundCloud" subforum). Cannot promise any immediate action, but I'll make sure the mobile product team sees the topic.

Lastly, the Help Community is not necessarily the place to go when in need of speaking to some one from our support team in a one to one manner. Rather, the community is a place where users can help out each other (and many questions can be answered this way), and I'm trying to catch as many reoccurring questions and either moderate these topics, refer to the respective source article on our Help Center, or provide the link to set up a ticket with the team that handles the specific case. Apart from that, we try to provide as much information, how to's and FAQ's on our Help Center (which is also where you find our contact forms).

All the best to you.