Soundcloud bot algorithm deleted my account and nobody is helping

  • 2 October 2019
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Hello everybody 😃

So 2 days ago I did the horrible horrible mistake of thinking it would be funny to use a typical spam account profile picture as my own, you know, those ones that are like "buy followers now at xyz link blah blah", and right after I did so, my profile got deleted by what I presume is a bot detection algorithm based on the profile pictures. It didnt say anything like we suspect you are a bot or whatever, it just immediately deleted my profile.
I've been trying to contact the support team for a very long time now, I filled out forms, I tried talking to them on twitter; They told me to fill out form. I filled out forms again. And repeat. For a very long time.

I'm at a loss,
What do u guys think I should do?

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