Soundcloud Desktop's Shuffle button disappeared!

  • 23 June 2017
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The shuffle button for playing tracks from your likes on desktop is now removed. The new way to access the shuffle feature is at the bottom left next to the play button.

SoundCloud, please update your documentation on how to shuffle a song, your site says there is still the shuffle button at the top next to the View button, and that documentation is now obsolete.

8 replies

Soundcloud couldn't have made a more counter-productive move. Why would they EVER take the shuffle button away??:@
Click the bottom right button called "Next up" & "Shuffle" button is on the bottom left as mentioned.
Now you can shuffle and view all upcoming shuffled songs. Hope this helps! @Reidlev
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Ya, just came searching around about this. I can't suffle playlist or reposts and when I shuffle likes its only the first handfull of songs and I have liked well over a thousand songs.....
Someone mentions having to scroll down, but then it only includes where you scrolled to.
I also don't think you can hit shuffle when playing your reposts.
I like what is good and repost what is even better so I generally just play from my reposts. I have over a thousand in each soooo....
Along the same lines as Psyzle, I've been getting by with the shuffle, but mobile is way better at it. Having to scroll and load my entire likes list to get a song from the shuffle is very time consuming, and the farther you go, the longer the page seems to hang before updating. Any changes in the works? Or is a better working shuffle for desktop users not on the hit list for important items?

Just got super mad for 45 seconds until I found this thread. I think it's a great idea to move it next to the skip track button. However if Psyzle is correct yall should try to fix it. Fortunately I only use my likes/friends likes on soundcloud but reposts are an equally important function to shuffle.

PS thank you all for your hard work

PSS chance the rapper is funding soundcloud, breaking news!
The new shuffle button is fine, but like others have mentioned in this post, I think its kind-of stupid that the shuffle option only plays tracks from one area of the playlist. It just doesn't make sense. Why would someone only want to listen to a fraction of their songs from their entire playlist. They made the playlist to listen to all of the songs within it. Even if someone did only want to listen to a smaller fraction of the songs in the playlist, they could just make a smaller playlist with only those songs. Or if you guys want to keep this feature so bad, just have two different shuffle buttons (shuffle from this area/shuffle all). It just doesn't make sense. Please look into this.

1 year later and this shit is not changed and still fucking annoying.

Still confused on how to shuffle plasylists