Soundcloud followers not going up?

  • 15 August 2015
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

There does seem to be an issue. I'm brand new to Soundcloud (opened my account last night) although I've been producing music for 16 years. My profile shows I have 0 followers, yet when you click on "0 followers," you can clearly see I have 17 followers. When I open my profile in an Incognito window, it shows I have 2 followers. So, something is definitely out of whack.
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Everyone who has reported wrong follower counts on their account: I've now triggered for your counts to be recalculated. This should show on your profile within 24 hours.

I am closing this topic for further comments to keep communication in one player moving forward.

If you are experiencing this bug and come across this topic: There is a new collective topic available here. Just report and we'll get to it as soon as possible.