Soundcloud followers not going up?

  • 15 August 2015
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28 replies


It's a bug, there is no doubt!

yea I'm having the same issue. not that its a big deal cause the people are still listening. it doesn't work/ count proper. you can't tell me that everyday i get new listeners that i have the same amount of people unfollowing. anyways it clearly is an issue. as well why not let us see who unfollows?


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Hi Eskathon,

Thanks for posting on our help forum. The issue you're describing has been reported on the forum before. Unfortunately, there is no indication of this being a glitch on our end. Our developers have double checked this. You would typically loose followers if a) they decide to not follow you any longer, b) delete their account, or c) their account gets suspended (which often happens due to the fact that the accounts were spam or fake accounts).

Either way, I will make sure to pass on your report to our engineers to make sure we keep an eye out for possible bugs.