SoundCloud for Windows (Beta) without volume bar

  • 7 July 2018
  • 2 replies

The SoundCloud App for Windows does not feature any form of sound regulation (at least i can't find it and i have not seen anybody find something like this) and behaves very "special" in terms of setting its own volume in Windows. While checking the volume of the SoundCloud App in Windows you can see that the App adjusts its own volume. The Volume is set to 100 (maximum) when a track is started and to 0 (minimum) when the track is paused.
I would be very glad if someone could offer me a solution to adjust the volume of the SoundCloud App or if there would be an update fixing this.
In all other aspects, i strongly like this App and would be happy to see SoundCloud fix this little "bug" so the community finally has a Desktop App to use.

2 replies

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Hi Tominrah,

Check out what our engineer "unsoundscapes" has to say about it here:

🙂 Happy volume controlling.
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