SoundCloud lags/freezes on Opera browser (Windows 10)

  • 5 July 2017
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I know this question might be a bit too specific to Opera, but I've ask on their forum this question, and I wanna see if maybe there's a better answer from the SC forum itself.

I have a CyberPC with Windows 10, AMD FX QuadCore, 8GB RAM, and the latest version of Opera: 46.0.2597.32 (PGO).
Recently, SoundCloud (I will use SC for short) has start freezing up for me everytime I load it. To show everyone better, here is a video I recorded of the problem I have:

Problem: Basically, when I enter the site it would be fine, if there are no songs/results to load. The moment I search up something or go to my Feed, it would freeze up and the mouse will have a flashing loading blue wheel. It will remains so for ~30 seconds, then back to normal. If I scroll down to see more results (which the site will have to load), then it will freeze again.

Observation: In that video I have my Task Manager open, and beside the Expression Encoder 4 process that I used to record, it was the System process that I paid attention to. Whenever the site is normal, System would take ~5% CPU, with overall CPU at ~30%. However, when the site freezes up, System would go up to ~15% CPU, while overall CPU would be ~70%.

Interaction: When frozen, usually I cannot interact with the page with any means. Mouse will have a flashing blue loading wheel. Closing the tab or the window will takes a few seconds to execute. Typing in the address bar or resizing the browser is still possible (however the content will take a while to be resized). Sometimes I can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the results, but still without being able to click on any of the content. When not frozen, site operates like normal.

My question would be what are the possible solutions to this problem? So far using Opera, I think this is the only site that lags and freezes in all the sites I used daily. Anything will help~

Thank you for any assistance.

1 reply

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This sounds suspiciously like the problem I am trying to get them to acknowledge and fix. I'm sure everyone still having this problem would all appreciate if you could check out what is currently the "main" thread on it at:

If you feel this might be the problem you are having, please chime in on that thread (even if it just to acknowledge it is happening to you too). Right now SC aren't being that cooperative on a fix, and we need all the help we can get!