Soundcloud sucking up too much RAM. (?)

  • 7 November 2015
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I noticed that when i have the SoundCloud site opened, it sucks a lot of RAM.

And i know that it's not Chrome's fault this time because i double-checked it. I have 4GB of RAM and almost 1.8 GB of it is used by SoundCloud. When i close the tab, the RAM goes back to 2 GB available.

Can you fix this?

Google Chrome version "46.0.2490.80 m"
I'm using Windows 10 Home.

4 replies

1.1 gb ram usage on firefox 59 on ubuntu lol :?
I've been noticing this for a while. Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 (64-bit) on OS X 10.11.5 (15F34). This happens in incognito mode without extensions and seems to be some sort of memory leak over time. I just caught the SC tab using over 300mb of memory according to Chrome's task manager. It's also eating about 60-70% of a CPU core 😞
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have you tried a different browser? do you have any browser extensions or plugins enabled?

i would try your test again running different browsers without any extensions or plugins. be sure you have the latest version of the browser and update if needed. check the memory usage for the browser process before and after soundcloud is loaded. open a new tab or window to a blank page or put about:blank in address bar and hit enter. be sure there are no other tabs or browser windows open.

press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to launch task manager and click the resource monitor link at the bottom. click on the memory tab, expand processes and find the browsers process. you want to get the value for the 'working set' column. mark down the value over a 3 minute period, once every 30 seconds. once you have a few data points, navigate to soundcloud and begin playback. again note the working set, do the same over a 3 minute period, in 30 second intervals. feel free to browse around on soundcloud and play different songs while you are monitoring the process memory usage.

compare the values you recorded before and after navigating to the site. do the same for each browser you have. if you dont mind posting the results that would be great 🙂