SoundCloud Top Menu missing in Firefox

  • 2 March 2017
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I'm just wondering if i'm the only person with this very recent problem. As early as yesterday Soundcloud worked perfectly fine on my PC using Firefox browser. Today 'March 2nd' I started up Firefox no different to yesterday and loaded Soundcloud.... No Top Menu to be seen, the site is virtually un-useable. I launched it in Chrome, voila! It's back! see my attached screenshot comparisons (Firefox on left, Chrome on right).

Point is nothing changed overnight but Soundcloud just doesn't like Firefox anymore. I've tried Firefox in safe-mode (all Add-ins disabled), clearing the browser cache, updating to the latest version, stroking a rabbit foot, doing a rain dance outside and threatening my PC with a Tazer. The latter prompted an 😞 emoticon on my Monitor.

Any help would be awesome chaps & chapesses.


1 reply

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Hi there Mark,

Odd! These things always work for me after the rain dance... 😉 Tested this on my end on Firefox version 51.0.1 on a Mac (El Capitan) and could still see the menu bar just fine.

What OS are you on and what version of Firefox are you using? Any chance you can test this on a different computer and / or different internet connection?