Soundcloud Unjustly Blocked My Liking Ability

  • 11 June 2018
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I have been a user of Soundcloud for years without issue (regarding liking music), but in the last 3 months I have gotten a number of warning for liking tracks too often. Sometimes this would happen when I liked a first song of the day, other times as I was bingeing through my favorite artists' likes. In all of these instances, I was liking songs after listening to roughly 35 seconds to 3 minutes, but there were lots of breaks in between likes. i.e. 20 songs liked over the course of 30 minutes

This morning I was liking music on Soundcloud as I normally do and adding a bunch of new music for me to sort through later today (I mix with a Traktor S2 so I use Soundcloud to find new music to throw into sets/mixes). After about 40 minutes of listening to music and skipping through songs I didn't like while liking the ones I enjoyed, I got this popup:

We have temporarily blocked your liking facility because your account has previously gotten this warning many times.

As mentioned in our Terms of use, a high volume of similar actions from an account in a short period of time will be considered a violation of our anti-spam policies. As these actions aim to unfairly boost popularity within the community, they are forbidden on our platform.

If you want some tips on how to better promote yourself, and get heard, refer to the page about community building. If you have been blocked and want to understand more, refer to the page What have I been blocked for?.

You can continue liking again 5 days The more you hit these limits, the longer the block will last.

We appreciate your understanding.

The SoundCloud team

I am infuriated, I am a paying customer of an app that doesn't work with a website that is glitchy and unreliable, and after sucking it up and dealing with all of the drawbacks that come with this service, I now am told I can't even utilize it.

This isn't even on my artist profile either so there is zero gain for me to like lots of tracks other than for my own enjoyment. The fact that Soundcloud punishes its users for using its service enthusiastically, in my mind, just goes to show how this website is killing its userbase.

If I actually end up having to wait 5 days to regain this privilege as the popup stated, I think this will be what ultimately causes me to make the long due switch to Spotify.

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