stop showing the new notification icon!

  • 17 February 2017
  • 6 replies

The site keeps showing the new notification icon (red dot on the bell) - the newest notification is from 6 months ago, and the site still shows notifications from over a year ago as new!

Can you fix this?

6 replies

I'm having this problem too, Whhyyyyy.
Same problem. please share a fix for this
me too ... so annoying!
Still an issue. I'm on a payed account. Every time I log in, the icon shows the dot, indicating theres a new notification.
Only, I've checked this notification many times, still, the dot does not go away.
I can't believe this is still a problem. It needs to be taken care of by Soundcloud team, however, there is no response since more than a year. Pity for Soundcloud.
This is still a problem another year later.

This is a sign that Soundcloud does not intend to fix this problem.

For me, the red dot only appears on the messages icon when I have an unread message, but it appears on the notifications icon whenever I sign in, until I view the notifications, whether there are any new ones or not. It has been this way at least as long as since 2015.

The behaviour of the messages icon shows that Soundcloud is capable of making the red dot only appear when there are new items.

What I think is happening is
  1. Soundcloud deliberately coded the red dot to appear every time, and
  2. After putting that change into action, and seeing the results of it, they decided they were happy with it that way, and
  3. When people complained about it, they figured that wasn't important enough for them to change the behaviour to only represent new notifications.
Whatever the effect of this b̶u̶g̶ departure from user expectations is, the management of Soundcloud must be believe it is a good thing.

I notice that I feel the anticipation of seeing some more engagement with my music when I see that dot, even though I know it is coded to always be on, because maybe this time there is something new.
Maybe Soundcloud is deliberately trying to create this feeling in artists, so that they keep focussing on their interactions with their listeners.

To me, it is an unnecessary trigger of dopamine, and it comes across as dishonest and manipulative.
I would really prefer that dot to only be there when I have new notifications.