Stream not showing all posts/reposts

  • 26 September 2016
  • 13 replies

On both my phone and laptop there is very few recent tracks and playlists in the stream. I refreshed the page as well as signed in and out but there should definitely be more stuff posted and reposted in the stream. I follow 185 people and there is usually at least 40 songs per day. It appears as if it is only showing posts/reposts from mainly me and maybe a handful of other artists.

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13 replies

I know there is more music that should be there. I refreshed the page and a whole bunch of posts disappeared. There is even months between some posts if I just scroll a decent amount down the page. (The screenshot is me scrolled all the way up)
Having the exact same problem. Help would be greatly appreciated. This is extremely frustrating.
yeah this has been going on for 2 days now. getting super annoyed.... any word on when this will be fixed?
having the same issues as well really sucks
yeah same! i've got hundreds of people i've followed and none of their reposts or posts show up on my stream, only my own reposts and nicky romero's reposts show up for some reason.

Similar problem here. Activity seems diminished compared to usual and scrolling further down the page shows tracks appearing completely out of sequence chronologically, which has not happened before:

^To add to this, if I refresh the page, sometimes the order the tracks appear in changes, e.g. the first ones to appear are from 3 or 4 months ago. What is going on?
Same here, I only see my own reposted tracks, some of them are 3 years old.
Same problem here also!
Same issue here, checked on my phone and it's the same there too!
Seems to be sorting itself out now. Quite a few tracks have appeared that were absent before, going back 24 hours or so, and, most importantly, in chronological order.

Fingers crossed.
Problem started on Friday night / Saturday morning. Then got fixed during the day. But now occurs again. Very bad timing after my podcast got released on Friday afternoon!!! Sad with soundcloud. I actually pay over 100 euros a year for premium account.. but really considering to stop my subscription if they continue to have problems like this. 😞 😞 😞