Stream not updating.. AGAIN

  • 24 June 2020
  • 5 replies

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My stream is repeatedly broken. Why?? If it continues, will I renew my subscription?? That I DO know the answer to!!

5 replies

Running into this same issue right now… for like the 8th time.

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I’ve lost count. Complaining doesn’t help. Eventually it comes right. I calm down. One day I’ll permanently snap!!

It’s not a huge problem if it doesn’t work mid-week, but on a Friday right when all of the new weekly releases come out?  That is some BS.  I’m seriously considering cancelling my SoundCloud+ account and solely using Spotify.

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Hahaaaaggghhh I log in just to reply then decide to check my stream and its not working Yeeeoowwww..$#%&!..

fucking bullshit