Suggestions for soundcloud (UI,UX, features)

  • 20 January 2020
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I have a few things i’ve noticed when using soundcloud which are kinda strange to my eye, keep this thread as a suggestion for future changes if yall think its necessary, or accepts the suggestion.


when i play a song in a playlist if i click on it it opens the song page like that, saying that its playing from the playlist “baile :):):)”, but with that different layout that soundcloud has which is this one:

it doesn’t show up that message, which is kind of a inconsistency, since if i wanna check out the page and go back i’ll have to go back on the page clicking on the arrow of the browser instead of just clicking on the playlist.


Another thing i’ve noticed is the inconsistency on notifications

today its like that

as you can see on recent followers it has a information of how many followers the people who’ve followed you has.

which is a good thing, but if i click on view all

it opens this page with has the same information, but without the followers information, what if i want to see the followers of my followers, i’ll have to go one by one if it isnt on that recent page.

i know its a pattern from this page you/followers, but i think it would be good get a little bit more information on that page.



Also another thing i would like to suggest is some observations that i’ve found on stats page.

I think we have little information on that, its kinda poor even being one of the best ones out there for music platforms content creators could have more info, like % of growth, stats for followers, average of likes,plays, or even better, a custom filter option where you could query the parameters of what you would wanna see.

Thats a pretty big update to be work on and i know myself as a developer the risks of it, and it wouldn’t be used by the majority of people. but why should this feature be considered? even though the majority of people wouldn’t use it, for those who would use it it would be the best tool for them, imagine big creators, big collectives, having the access to specific information about their content, you could compare styles of tracks, and see which your public likes better, this would make content creation much more intelligent and less harsh than what it is today, also soundcloud would get hugeee respects for this one, and also being a main prop for creators.


I like soundcloud a lot and i really want it to become the #1 platform for music streaming, and giving more opportunities and tools for creators is a major factor when decision making.


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