• 20 March 2015
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Hi! I've been using soundcloud for a while already. I think its awesome, I also have it in my phone. I would like to suggest the button shuffle when I'm editing my playlist. I have 80+ songs in it and it would be cool to have that button. I would also suggest that when I add a certain song to my playlist, it would go to the top of the list and not the bottom. I think users would like to listen to the recent added song first. Greetings from Brazil! Hope this helps to make this site even better! 🙂

2 replies

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Hello Samuel,
First things first... The button 'shuffle' is already present feature.
As far as the second suggestion you made, please read this post as to find out how to make a suggestion for a feature, so that your suggestion be considered for a feature implementation.
Greetings. IK
I ment the shuffle button when i'm editing the tracks. Thanks bro!