Theres an AD literally after every song

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I've been listening to soundcloud for almost a year now. The reason why i speficically loved soundcloud is because i could listen to the same playlist on my phone or my computer.(conveniance basicly). But now. What do yall decide to do? Become better and add more reasons to use soundcloud? No. No. In the typing of this i have listened to two fucking reeces puffs commercials and 4 no smoking commercials. A i don't give a fuck about reeces puffs and i dont smoke. B WTF ARE YOU DOING. You are ruining the best platform for music out there rn because of straight greed. If you need more money actually use incentives or link it with discord or something idk but don't just make it impossible to go through your day with ads that you have to fucking close the browser because its soo cancerous. Welp looks like im back to creating custom playlist on youtube cuz fuck you soundcloud. If you fix it great. But looks like at least rn that im never going to use you. I have counted LITERALLY HOW MANY ADDS IM GETTING. I am getting 1 for every song i play. Thats 30 seconds of times where im screaming my head off that i hate soundcloud for roughly 2 minutes of calm peaceful calm. Please fix this.
I used to choose this music platform over others because it was more creative and also had less ads. Now I notice that the ad rotation has increased significantly, to the point where I have to mute ads after every other song or so. It makes me feel like soundcloud users are losing another platform to the profit oriented mindset that permeates our current society and has led so many creatives to corrupt their original ideas and wishes. I hope it's going to get better again and not worse.
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Problem number 1: I'm getting 30+ second ads after every song or two. Problem number 2: 95% of the ads I get are the stupid WestJet ones. Problem number 3: I keep getting ads even when I'm skipping tracks. Often times I will be getting two minutes of ads for every minute of music.

You guys need to fix this quick. I've just started looking into this and immediately found hoards of angry SoundCloud users who feel the same as I do. So many other services manage ads in a way that doesn't make you want to rip your ears and/or eyes out. You're at a point where people would rather pay money for a different service than use yours for free. Loyal fans feel betrayed and are abandoning ship because you guys got real greedy real fast.

Well, that's the end of my rant. I really hope it reaches the right ears because I'm about at my limit with these ads.
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Hi there,

Please see here to learn why there are ads on SoundCloud in the first place:

For an ad free experience, you can upgrade to our SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ subscription.

I've been having this issue too recently, it's extremely annoying ugh. I tried restarting my computer and it temporarily stopped, but then the ads started becoming excessive again. So if you wanna stop it for a bit, it'll stop but I have no long term solution unless you want to restart your computer all the time.