Time between pressing play and audio is ridiculous - listening to my stream is taking far too long

  • 8 August 2017
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Hello all

have noticed this problem only in the last couple of weeks. When I load up my stream initially everything is playing fine but after just a couple of screens what happens is:
- I want to play a new track on the stream so click on the waveform / play button
- There is a good 3 second pause where nothing happens at all (not even the ... loading in place of the play sign)
- The track will start playing

Please note this is nothing to do with my wifi speed as that hasn't changed in the last 2 weeks, nor is it anything to do with my computers inability to deal with a few screens worth of already listened music (its a brand new macbook pro)

If I reload the page and scroll back down to where I was before it ill work briefly but always returns to this stop-start way of playing, which is making just keeping up extremely time consuming.. any ideas?

1 reply

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Based on the information you provided, it seems as though you are experiencing the same error as in my thread here:

Please chime in on my thread, as I have gathered a wealth of information there on this issue, and I need as much support as possible for them to work on a fix.

Thanks so much,