Top Tracks Feature should be optional

  • 7 November 2019
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Nobody wants their old music to be discovered first, this is definitely not a good idea. We pay Pro for something manageable but this is not. On and Off Top Tracks feature should be available at least.



8 replies

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We agree… very unhappy with this change! :rage:

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Agreed as well, I don’t get why this isn’t even toggable.


Plus, it says “Top tracks” but then the tracks shouldn’t even be labeled as such. Doesn’t make sense.

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Yes. People pay for Pro to get the option to use a Spotlight feature, but if they don’t want to it’s now been forced on them.

Plus top tracks seems to be based on play numbers, so if 200 people play a track of mine and all think it is shit it is being shown as better than a track that 20 people played and liked.

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Definitely agreed this should be optional. This is quite a shift in the Soundcloud layout without notice or explanation that makes the platform less useable.

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I really hate top tracks.


It give a bad impression of my works.


what supposed to do, make tracks private until some algo

pick tracks I likes?

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Agreed with author

top tracks is a weak innovation 

i dont want old tracks at the top :( 

and dont want missing tracks in list (missing tracks shows in top tracks)

it should be optional


please fix this Soundcloud :cry:



Yes this is not a nice innovation, Soundcloud is used heavily for podcasts, radio shows, and this use case is being neglected with making this feature mandatory.