Track / Mix / Podcast is not able to play but is signed in my Profile ???

  • 13 April 2018
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Hello to all and thx for help right now,

like you could read in the Title, it isn´t possible to play 1 Track, or better saying a "Mix / Podcast" , from my Track-List...
If you try to play it, it says "it isn´t possible to play that Track at moment, please try again later" ...but I have these Problem for a few month..Me, for myself and no other one clould play that Track.. THE ONLY THING, WHICH IS STRANGE, is, that the "Waveform" of these Track looks different..more "quiet and regularly" and easily not like all the others, normal Tracks..?!!
How I said, thx a lot, if someone could help me with that, or perhaps, anybody have had the same problem before..?!? the is much more angry, because, it is one of the most famoused "Podcasts / Mixes / Tracks" in my libary..!
it is that track:

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