Track Stuck in Processing FOR DAYS! Help!

  • 21 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Hello, I have been trying to upload one of my tracks and for some reason it is stuck in processing. I have tried several times to upload it and it is just stuck in processing. I have let it upload for several days now and still won't complete. I have uploading 10 times before and never had this issue. I am very confused on this matter. Please help.

2 replies

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Hi there,

It looks like you've managed to upload your track since - that's great! I would imagine it was actually an issue on SoundCloud's end that has been fixed in the meantime.

On that note, happy Uploading!
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If you save your track before it gets done processing, sometimes it will permanently be stuck on processing. If it does that, you will have to re-upload your track.