Trending, explore is the same old... When will it change?

  • 20 August 2015
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I really like soundcloud, because it's easy to use, the player is nice, the jungle of genres is interesting,... But.

The Explore section > Trending Music is the same thing. All. The. Time. 6 months buffer is way too long. I mean "Lean On" by Major Lazer has constantly been there, as if I don't listen to it enough on the Radio. I don't listen to any drake or fetty wap which accounts for 90% so I basically never use this page.

I saw a topic where someone proposed a "ignore this track/user" kind of function, I would use the sh*t out of it if ever I had the chance. I mean even an unlike button could be helpful (and for you SC guys, this could be useful to see how track popularity fades away and when users consider a song to be outdated)

But that's not only for the "trending music" section. All categories are polluted by miscategorized (?) songs (eg is #1 on Metal ffs)

I like Jazz but I can't go through 3 songs without having something totaly unrelated.
Trance, Techno, Electronic, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Deep House, Dance and EDM: all these categories have the same music playing

I searched for other topics related to my question and there's a couple of others users that have the same concerns, some for close to a year. Is it possible to know why the algorithm takes some time to change? Can users beta test somehow? What are upcoming and future plans concerning these matters?

Why not take some inspiration from websites like Reddit with the New/Raising/Popular/Top kindof tabs?

Thanks for your awesome job!

2 replies

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Hey there LotR,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and providing feedback about this. I'll make sure to forward it to our product team.

Here's some more general info on how our Explore page works these days. We've changed the way the explore page works a while ago. It now works more like a chart of the most played, reposted and liked tracks of the last 48 hours. You can sort these charts by genre to get results that are the most relevant to you.

We do refresh this list every day and it includes tracks from the last 180 days, which is why you can sometimes see older tracks at the top.

Our Search and Discovery team are constantly working to improve the accuracy and relevance of results on the explore page, and we appreciate your patience while we're working out how to make this function better.

Our team has acknowledged this new change might exclude upcoming artists or make it more difficult for them to break into these charts, so they're looking towards introducing new filters to sort by location and other parameters, along with differentiating multiple lists that target most popular and up and coming tracks. Unfortunately, they haven't specified when these additional filters and charts will be released. I've shown the team your feedback about the Explore page in order to emphasize the frustration caused by the ranking of content.

Hope this helps to shed some light on this.

Soundcloud will go as far as they need to get best...not much distance left? All as it should be