unable to find my profil even if I have the key word "brave" in my description, name and url....

  • 2 June 2015
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I tried to find my soundcloud by searching with word "brave" witch is my dj name. I've put brave in my name, description and tried to use the word "djbravemontreal" or "bravedjmontreal" in my url... and it is impossible to find my name in the 500 results if i search by city i'm the only one in montreal but no one come out from montreal ..... even if people that don't even have the word "brave" in their url are on the top of that search. It is useless for them ....and very annoying for me. I got to understand how to get people to find me in the easiest possible way.....ty

2 replies

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what is your soundcloud username/url?
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Hi Brave,

Your SoundCloud url is bravedjmusic and if you search with that 'bravedjmusic' you are the one and only result. I suggest sticking with your url since the word 'brave' is a general term that will retrieve all sorts of results.