Update your display name for increased traffic

  • 6 October 2015
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Did you know that how your display name is written could be affecting how much exposure you get on SoundCloud?

Our new research shows that using spaces between the words in your band or artist name makes a big difference in Google search results. Why? Well, people tend to search names with spaces between the words, not without (for example, “The Space Killers” does better in search than “TheSpaceKillers”).

Missing the spaces in your name could mean you’re missing out on valuable traffic. So go ahead and update your display name now to get more listens.

Not sure how to change your display name? Learn more here or take a look here (make sure it's your Display name and not your url!)

1 reply

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled how do I get goggle search to find my music.

Seems my music is still anonymous. I tried notifying goggle like this forum mentioned. When I had problems the forum mentioned that SoundCloud has no more html for our protection. A Facebook link is nice, but that's only my aquaintances. It could be interesting to browse, but before that I want my music to be available everywhere and easily found. Maybe I'm totally missing the point around here since I don't need SC to hold my music for 6 weeks till someone else wants my name. I own plenty of memory. So then, am I in the wrong place?