Upload quota: I've deleted tracks but still can't upload more

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Hello everyone,

Depending on the account type you have, there might be a limit of how much content you can upload to your account. (Free = 180 minutes, Pro = 360 minutes, Pro Unlimited = no limit)

If you've used up all of your minutes of upload space allowed for your account, some of your tracks might become hidden and you cannot upload more.

In order for all of them to appear on your account, you have two options.

You can check out what tracks are hidden on your account here.
To delete tracks, click to view hidden tracks and hover your mouse over the track for the trash icon to appear.

Please note that it can sometimes take a moment for the track deletion to be fully processed on our backend. If you just deleted some tracks to make space but are unable to upload more or if the system still suggests you are over quota, please do the following:

Log out of your SoundCloud account, clear your browser's cache, restart it, then try again. This will ensure your browser doesn't try to fetch old data from its local cache.
Also, please note that it can take a few minutes for our deletion systems to fully process your track deletion, so please give this a moment.


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Can I have my mixtape red wet wall vol.1 back to mine profile ? I have removed red wet wall vol.2, it should be enough space for that.
Hi Guys. Having "You’re over your Pro plan 6-hour limit" today. Tried clearing everything etc. Not happening. 😞
(free account) - I was basically full with 1 minute remaining.... I just deleted an hour long+ Mixset, and I'm still at 1 minute remaining. I shut down and did a cold boot, ran CC, the whole 9 yards... same result.

What is this, Soundcloud? There's no way I'd ever pay for this service when the Free service doesn't even work as advertised.

Is this going to be addressed? I see a lot of folks above me with the same issue, some are paying Customers (I advise them to shitcan their accounts considering they're not being responded to), and I don't see much of a response from Soundcloud's end. This is unacceptable.
Same problem, no hidden tracks.
im having the same problem what do i do ?
Same here. I tried everything.. Could you check mine too 🙂