Volume bar on windows 10 Beta app?

  • 12 July 2017
  • 6 replies

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Where can i find volume control bar on the windows 10 beta app? its a bit odd to me, but cant find it anywhere, and cant adjust volume in volume mixer on windows, beacuse soundcloud app is not visible there.

6 replies

Is it still not there? I can't find it anywhere
Yeah it doesn't can't even control the application's volume at the volume mixer, either- it is locked to the output level of your main sound device.

I understand this is just a beta release of the software, but volume control is pretty basic stuff...really confusing.
Just came here to see if it was only me or if the app actually doesn't allow to control the volume.
Well it's a beta and hope this issue get a solution because listening to soundcloud music using this app allows me to use keyboard media keys while it's running on the background.
Fuck this app. 10 months later the most basic function is still not there. no point in using this if the developers dosent even want to add one little slider
I stopped using soundcloud because of the lack of this "feature". No volume controls in a music app? That' s pathetic. You can't even use the windows volume mixer as the app constantly sets itself to 100. I'm using spotify until the developers at soundcloud get their heads out of their asses, which will probably be never. ┌∩┐(◕◡◉)┌∩┐
Yeah I would love to use the app but the volume control bar will pop up but disappear before i can adjust it...