Volume overwritten when opening Soundcloud song via bookmark (goes to max volume)

  • 12 May 2017
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Hi there,

I don't know if this is a known issue or maybe it's just me but one of the core functions of Soundcloud (at least for me) is that the volume is saved between all the songs you're playing. Now since around a week or so whenever I open a new Soundcloud bookmark (doesn't matter if it's in a new tab or the current one), my current volume gets overwritten to max volume, although the volume slider is still set to the volume I had before. In order to fix this I have to adjust the volume just one step and the volume immediately get's lower (way lower than just that one step).

I'm using the latest Chrome and I've already tried cleaning my cache/cookies and also disabled all my addons, but to no avail. Would be great if someone can look into this as it's really annoying.

Thanks in advance,

edit: I found other users having the same issue.
Exactly the same issue as mine, also with the no sound output on the lower levels as described in the linked thread.

2 replies

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Yes, there's quite a few threads on this issue. Something broke a week ago and nobody from their department cares apparently; or atleast that's how it seems, based on the fact they haven't replied.

Right now I'm getting ear-raped everytime I open a SoundCloud link.

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Hi there,

Just came across this topic - we've since introduced some improvements of our volume control on the web browser. Hope this is now working properly for you?