Want to turn off people's "repost" !!!

  • 16 April 2015
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For I cannot find followers' latest uploaded tracks in the "stream" because of too many reposts, I think it would be better to have a function to turn off other's repost!!

I don't want to go for 'repost -war'.

Any Suggestion?

2 replies

In the past a song was just one time repostet to the follwers stream - and then just to the reposters songlist - now it _s allways repostet to the followers streams. I guess it _s a Softwarebug - to be fixed by soundcloud soon, I hope
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Thank you for the comment...I hope so> to be fixed by soundcloud.

The war of reposts is obviously a non-sense...it's just used for the delusive act of self-promotion, superficial support and compulsory, which I think extremely annoying and loses the pleasure for us to find or encounter good tracks per se...and of course, increase the tendency to miss the follower's recent tracks.

Why not SoundCloud make the "turn -off repost" button?? like twitter has. ( I think it's really easy to program it ) either or split the"stream" into 2 lines ( follower's recent track and reposts).

I hope SoundCloud take this issue in to acount.