What happened to Soundcloud? Where is my new tracks feed from people I follow?

  • 1 December 2018
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Title. What happened with this website? On the home page, all I see is pre-generated playlists of songs that I don't even want to listen to. There's a "New Tracks" playlist, but half of the stuff is from people I don't follow or give a damn about.
I've been a user of Soundcloud since 2009 and I'm very disappointed in what has happened to this website over the past couple of years. Since the recent change, I can't even do what I mainly use it for nowadays; actually get new tracks of people I follow in a feed on the front page. >_>

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3 replies

Same here, why no body answers?!! this is not a slight issue this is serious
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Hi everyone,

This was caused by a temporary outage on SoundCloud's end and should be sorted out by now. Closing this topic accordingly.