What to do when uploading your tracks is not working

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From time to time, we see users concerned as they cannot seem to get their newest tracks out to their audience, which is why we've collected a number of troubleshooting tipps for you on our Help Center.

The first two things to check are:
Is your email address confirmed?
Do you have enough quota on your account?

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I am sure it falls under fair use. I worked hard on it and would lve to have people listen! 🙂 Thanks for help.
Tracks not uploading, using the same recording stuff i always use n even recordings done on soundcloud aren't uploading. .... really annoying!!!!! Whats crackalackin with this shit?!
I'm not able to upload my track every time i hot save it goes to the next page like it worked but then goes back to the upload/description page and wont let me upload the track. I have already checked the file type, used a different browser, looked for ad blocker, and tried to upload with no info on the track
I'm trying to upload tracks to my account, but it isn't allowing me to do so. The areas to "Chose a file to upload" and "Start New Recording" are grayed-out. It only allows me to sign up for Pro! How am I supposed to upload my tracks?

How can I sign up for Sound Cloud revenue once my tracks are uploaded?

Thank you,

When I want to upload one of my tracks, everything works fine but when I want to play them, I'm not able to. Has this something to do with what kind of file the track is? An answer would be great.
I was recording and after, I was going to upload it but it always shows upload failed. I have a good connection tho, i tried re-uploading it a hundred times but it won't work. 😞
Me too
I have uploaded many tracks, so I do know what I am doing. This time, it is not doing anything, not showing that it is uploading, it's stuck on 0.00mb 1394.18 MB uploaded.
Please help!!! Thanks in advance!
Hello, know how to apologize for my English, I'm using a translator.

My problem is that I have uploaded a song, press enter when I placed your description. For a problem my PC went off in the middle of the upload, and now the upload of the song is still locked and I can not erase it or upload it again.

I'm trying to upload it again, but I do not know how to remove the one that was there.

Thank you!

It allows me to select a file to upload, but, it doesn't upload it, it stays on 0 of ever how many MB
It uploads till 2% then upload fail! Wth
I am trying to upload a track but Soundcloud keeps saying its too big, the track only ranges from 1 MB to 10MB >...whats happening ?? I need answers

thanks :)🆒
hi, I have recently bought a windows 10 laptop, I cant upload my music from my files to sound cloud even though its in a mp3 format. When I go to click on upload it doesn't let me choose a file, please could someone help me cheers
It won't let me upload a short 2 minute song on an app called audiocopy on my phone
I tried to upload my song for like 10 times already, and it never works. it dont even get to 1%... Its just good, and after second it wont upload anymore.... I readen tips or help how to upload it and all of them doesnt work...

I can't upload a sports broadcast me and a classmate did. I hit upload but it is not on my account. Have I used too many gigs?
Upload track - 10% - 16% - 7% -1% - 10% -5%- 18%- 1% -infinity, mp3 6.26 mb, speed is normal, all plugins updated , tryed all browsers - do not work. Waiting 3 hrs. So how i can upload my music?
I having probroms uploading my songs on soundcloud
got the same problem here, looked online can't find any answers
No entiendo qué está pasando con Soundcloud, ''era'' una buena aplicación.
Saw multiple issues with this but no answers - I'm having this reoccurring issue of trying to upload through various browsers (on Windows 10)to no avail.

Upload gets so far then restarts - can I get a solve to this as I'm paying for a service that isn't working.

Thanks in advance.
i just uploaded one of my songs and it starts to skip in the middle i cant seem to understand why thats happening
My tracks are not uploading. How can I fix this?
My songs are not uploading. It says"This track is being processed". How can I get my tracks to play? I have tried to load multiple times. Is there a customer support for SoundCloud? Who can upload songs? Is there anyone here?
My Tracks do not seem to be working. I have uploaded both "wave files" and "MP3", three songs; all about four minutes long. I have tried multiple times. They all say "track is being processed". Does anyone know how to fix this? Is this legitimate? Why don't my tracks play?