where are the hearts?

  • 27 March 2015
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hearts are gone ????

5 replies

Same... Where's the love...? 😞
Yeah, I just logged on here to ask the same question. I had many hearts on a song yesterday & today zero!
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HI guys,

Thanks for visiting the help forums :)

Does seem to be a bit of an issues. I'm just going through & grabbing all the posts I can find regarding this to forward them in one hit to Mathis & Gina, the main Soundcloud forum guys.

I guess it may be somthing to do with the recent update or possibly the site maintenance that happened earlier on today which did seem to be running into technical difficulties of some kind.

I've noticed I've got the issue myself as well on some of my own tracks. I don't work for soundcloud but I do my best to help out on the forums where I can so i think a bit of "post gathering" will help to a better idea of the scale of the issue can be gained.


Thanks DJ RIP! 🙂
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No worries :)

Just to add to my previous comment it does appear that Mathis & Gina are aware from a day or so ago so I guess somthing is in the pipeline to be worked on, but I will still be forwarding on the topic url's to them just to keep them up to date.

Seems the below is the start of the issue being reported ( I admittedly didn't notice the issue myself until I saw all of the posts popping up this evening on here & then checked my own tracks!)