Why can't I remove reposts from my stream?

  • 13 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I would like to remove all reposts from my stream, but as far as i know this is not possible. I really do not care at all about what the people I follow repost. All I want to see is what they post themselves. Personally this is the biggest reason I do not use Soundcloud to listen music.

2 replies

I had exactly the same issue, but after some searching I found that for the Chrome browser there is a extension/plugin that is called "SoundCloud filter". It adds a small bar in your browser that becomes active when you are on your soundcloud home page. One of the buttons gives you the option to uncheck reposts. For me this makes following people useful again.

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Hi there,

This is currently not possible, but I'm forwarding this as a feature request to the relevant product team.