Why can't I sort search results?

  • 19 January 2015
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I search "progressive jazz" in playlists, and I get 393 results and no way to filter or sort the results! It is so hard to find music that matches a criteria, because too many results are returned and there are no good ways of sorting or filtering.

11 replies

Many users have been asking for something like this for years, in the current thread and the following (that I have found):

I am posting this reply in all the above threads.

May I suggest that anyone who still wants this feature submits a request to SoundCloud by email via this link?

I have just done so. This is what I wrote (the limit is 1,000 characters):

I would like an enhancement to sort search results.

Typical usage:
A user searches for music with a specific tag, like this:

The results are sorted in order of Popularity (presumably number of listens).
There is no way to change this sort order.
Furthermore, I understand, some tracks that meet the search criteria are excluded from the results because they are deemed not to be popular enough.

1) It should be possible for the user to sort the search results, at least by date and perhaps by other criteria.
2) Tracks or playlists should not be excluded from search results on grounds of 'unpopularity'.


For me, the most useful order would be posting date (most recent first). That way, I can monitor new tracks that conform to the search criteria.

As users will tend to listen to tracks at the top of the results list first, the order of results sorted by Popularity is likely to be self-perpetuating.
There is a difference between filtering and sorting a search result.

I miss the sorting feature aswell. For example sorting for: Entry Date, Number of Likes, Length .. just make everything sortable 😃 .. i am a developer myself and i don't get why this isn't already implemented. Should be that big of a deal?
The search function in Soundcloud is an absolute joke. Let's say I want to find everything posted the last hour. Impossible because I have to put something in the search box, I want to see EVERYTHING.

Then of course I want to sort by "likes". Again Impossible.

When I click on a tag for example "dance" I get hundreds of results totally unrelated to dance with completely different tags.I mean it's like going to the store to buy an apple and then end up with a new refrigerator.

Take my word for it every rookie programmer can pull this out of a database without a sweat.

I'm actually shocked by this, honestly I never have seen a piece of software like this before.

BTW Don't waste your time with Google Chrome extensions which (according to many) should do the trick for you, they don't work so I guess we have to live with it.
Also: Sort by upload date would be a huge help!
Completely agree. I want to sort results by most listened, most liked, etc.
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It's so lame that a website (soundcloud) doesn't have some very basic functions for sorting by date, name, plays etc... What IXK says is absolutely not there. Web is based on people crawling info not by taking it like a newspaper, that's why web is more popular than newspapers.
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You don't need no filters to find others who have 'progressive jazz' playlists and therefore find others with similar interests. You don't need no filters for that. But you have some available anyway... So I have a hard time following you here.
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What do yo mean by 'Only' ? Music tracks is why we have Soundcloud . For playlists, you have the 'Filter By Tag' filters as well.
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Hundreds of people have spent time curating "progressive jazz" playlists. Filtering and sorting playlists is very useful because I can find others who like what I like, saving me time.
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These filters only appear for tracks, not for playlists. With tracks I end up with thousands of results.
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Hi there.
I feel you, but what you say is incorrect.
When you search for something, let's say 'progressive jazz' you get results returned, right? Well then, from there please go on click tracks on the left side panel. When you do that, you should see right below the "Everything, Tracks, People" etc. - panel, right below this panel you should see two new things - 'Filter Results' and 'Filter By Tag' . Both these give you a lotta filtering available my friend. That is, unless the page doesn't get displayed correctly in your browser.
Hope this helps. And long live jazz!