Why can't I update my display name

  • 16 September 2015
  • 18 replies

Every time I try to update my display name or url, I change it to what I want and click "Save". It appears to have saved, but it keeps automatically resetting itself back to the same exact display name and url. This is annoying

18 replies

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Hi Jake,

We had a glitch with profile settings yesterday, all should be back to normal again.

same problem today....
yes, same here...thanks for help.
Hello, just posting to tell that I too am experiencing this issue. It keeps reverting back to the default display name.
Same Here 🙂 😞
I'm having the same problem with updating everything (except my URL, profile picture and profile description). Once I've pressed save and leave the settings, everything goes back to what it was before.
I'm having the same problem!!
Same issue here! Has it been fixed yet?
im literally having the same issue this needs to be resolved it is so frustrating
sam issue here too

Absolutely going to BandCamp If this Bug Is not solved, As an aspiring artist i dont think "Christain" is something i should represent myself with,
Hey, I'm having the same issue.. 🙂
Started a new musical project, so I wanted to change my settings.
After changing the display name and url, everything goes back to what it was, even settings like country and biography etc.. 🙂
Tried several times, at a certain moment my account was also available through the new url, but after some minutes it disappeared again and changed to the orginal.

What can I do about this?

Thanks in advance for the answer!
Same story here. We wish to fix the typo but we cannot.
I hope this is not persistent but we wish to have our name displayed as Nephrolith or Nephrolith Band.
Hi Jake,

We had a glitch with profile settings yesterday, all should be back to normal again.


it's not after 8 months...
Same here
its been three years and I still have the same dumb problem 🙄🙄