Why i can't listen music because of i'm from ukraine?

  • 31 March 2016
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Month ago i had my favorite music, but now i can't it listen - i have a question - is really music for some people, not for all? and, if the answer is yes, that why?

3 replies

I've had the same issue since yesterday with many channels I follow and this is truly infuriating. I'm forced to listen to music on youtube, giving views to 3rd party channels instead of respected owners of ip. Soundcloud has always been an open platform for sharing music free of copyright bullcrap that is killing youtube and looks like the administration has done a complete 180 on ukraininan citizens regarding its policies.
I'm from Canada and some songs on my playlist (that has been there for at least a year) all of a sudden isn't playable because it's not available in my country. I've been listening to music off soundcloud for more than a year now and all of a sudden, I feel like they stole away some of my tracks!

What the hell happened to SHARING music?! These greedy business men only care about fattening their wallets! The viewers you've betrayed your services from, won't resort to playing for your buggy platform. They would stop using soundcloud altogether and start making their own collection of torrented music or otherwise, find a free platform.
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Hi there,

If a SoundCloud member does not have the licensing rights to release a track everywhere, they may only make it available within the countries where they have the rights to do so. As a result, the track might not be available in certain regions.