why they have blocked the follow? ...

  • 14 June 2016
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I'm a DJ, and I need to see what the DJs and producers that follow them to see their latest tracks ...This is bullshit ...
I like to keep up and I need that information

4 replies

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Thanks for writing in for further clarification. To clear up any confusion you did not hit a limit for following too many accounts, but instead for re-following the same accounts. Our engineers are currently investigating an issue where the notifications for running into such block are not properly showing - sorry about the confusion.

Our Trust & Safety team has implemented a limit in response to the community's request to curb behavior where an account follows, unfollows and then re-follows the same account(s) again in a short period of time in order to unfairly boost their own followings.

Based on this feedback from our users, who said it was causing annoyance and confusion, we have put limits in place to restrict this behavior. Your account has been blocked from following and unfollowing for this reason. As we wish to prevent this activity in the future, if you run in to this limit repeatedly, each block you receive will increase in length.

These limits are in place to address community complaints about accounts overusing, or using features in a way other than as they were intended. We hope you can appreciate why we felt it necessary to put these limits in place.


P.S.: Your block has already been released. More info on our feature use policies can be found here.
Blocked Follow capabilities.

I was recently blocked due anti-spam policy.

Deleted all my non supporters from my profile,

and want to follow back only my supporters.

Don't be able to follow them back,because

your system detect me as spam.

As result am quickly loosing my followers.

So, i kindly ask you to do it for me :

Add my followers to the people that i follow.

About your hints to generate popularity,

i choose to use Soundcloud instead of Facebook or other social

media comunity because it's aim to specific goals :

Share my music in a musicians community,make partnerships

that couldn't be possible by other means.I even blocked my Facebook account

as spam due the larger number of irrelevant notifications.

So I ask you, to enable my ability to follow who i think interest to me.

The fact that I follow someone does not mean that I will be followed back,

therefore it does not generate artificial popularity.

I count on your understanding, and hope the problem is resolved

as soon as possible.

P.S : I was not previously informed by this issue,and even know what is

the limit that i can follow.

Best Regards:

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. We can't follow users for your, but for assistance and information regarding your block, please email directly and someone will be able to assist you!

I hope this helps,
Hi Jen :
Thank you for your response.

I'll do as you recommend me.

Have a nice day :