"Your track will be deleted shortly." but, the track doesn't get delete.

  • 28 December 2018
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Hey-o so, I use sound cloud as a place to show off samples of my beats to potential clients and I tried deleting some old funky stuff I had.

"BOHEMIAN IN REVERSE" and "fing heck" were the only 2 tracks affected.

I tried multiple browsers, logging in and out, refreshing the page, setting my tracks to private then trying to delete them, changing the name/picture/tags then deleting it. Deleting it off my profile homepage and tracks page.

I have in total tried to delete these tracks about a dozen times and nothing really helps me out haha! I hope you can boss, thank ya. also deleted*

3 replies

They need to maje everything right for mobil like putfing tracks private and un doing so .

Chainging your oicture from monile and switching your song playlist espically for artists who be on the go with the phone.
I did these things not in this order, like i specified it didn't just delete the 2 songs. It shouldnt need to update for anyone besides mostly because my profile doesn't receive traffic lol.
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion with this. It can sometimes take a while until your track deletions are fully processed from the backend. It looks like the tracks have all deleted properly by now though.