SoundCloud pays artists fairly

We’re the first music company to introduce fan-powered royalties,
where independent artists can get paid more because of their dedicated fans.

How streaming services pay artists today

Money from your dedicated fans goes into a giant pool that’s paid out to artists based on their share of total streams. That model mostly benefits mega stars.

How fan-powered royalties work

You get paid based on your dedicated fans’ actual listening habits. The more fans listen on SoundCloud, and listen to your music, the more you get paid.

We value equitable payouts

Fan-powered royalties level the playing field so independent artists can compete.

We are transparent in how artists get paid

Your payouts are based on a fan’s overall listening time. The fans you see in your insights dashboard are the fans who are contributing to your royalties.

We give artists control

Forge a deeper connection with fans who support your growth.

We honor real fans

You’re paid by actual fans who stream your music. Bots and fake plays don’t count.

“It’s such a simple idea. Your monthly fees get split up between the songs you actually listen to.”

— RAC, musician and producer

Fan-powered royalties empower you to take more control over your career. Your fans play a bigger, more direct role in your success.

Meet Vincent

How much Vincent makes under the old industry payout model


per month

How much Vincent makes under fan-powered royalties


per month

Meet Chevy

With fan-powered royalties,
Chevy’s monthly payout increases by


Independent artists who monetize directly with SoundCloud will benefit from fan-powered royalties beginning April 1, 2021.