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SoundCloud Forum

SoundCloud Forum

The SoundCloud Creator Forum is our experiential platform that brings everything you love about SoundCloud directly to the core communities pushing music culture forward

SoundCloud Forum 2021

Ready to re-live SoundCloud Forum 2021? Below you'll hear directly from your favorite SoundCloud artists and music industry experts on how to break through the noise, make more money with music, and get discovered by new listeners.

Welcome to the SoundCloud Forum — where artists unite to break through the noise, understand the industry at a deeper level and empower their fans and communities to continue pushing culture forward.

Money Talk: Make more money with your music. Tune in to hear how our newly announced fan-powered royalty model helps level the playing field for independent artists while allowing fans to directly support the artists they love.

On the Fast Track: Are you getting the most from Repost by SoundCloud? Get a crash course on the resources, tools and exclusive partnerships you can use to level up your career with our full service marketing and distribution engine

Discovery Zone: Turn down the algo and turn up the rhythms. Get the scoop on how to get your music heard by new fans across SoundCloud.

Let the Stats Show: Your play count isn’t just a random number. Get insider tips on how to turn your digital data into real world momentum from this conversation with the SoundCloud Music Team.

Closing the Gender Gap: Female and non-binary artists, producers and songwriters have been revolutionizing the industry for decades by staying true to who they are. Tune in for a thoughtful discussion on how we’re working to usher even more diverse voices to the forefront.

Get a Digital Game Plan: The global pandemic has forced artists to keep their communities thriving online. Want your music to make waves? You’re gonna need a gameplan. Get in the conversation with SoundCloud and Twitch experts to help get you ready to go viral.

Behind the 'Scenes': SoundCloud is the birthplace of music subcultures you can’t hear anywhere else — before it hits the mainstream, it emerges on SoundCloud. Whether you’re part of a crew or a solo act hear how to find, build and grow your creative community on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Forum 2019

The theme of this forum was "Building Your Brand" – because while it’s all about the music, it’s also about how you can create an aesthetic that’s an extension of your sound.

Tips from artists and industry experts: In music there’s no clear-cut path to success. But can you start to pave your own way with these tips from artists and industry execs.

Nail your networking strategy: Are DMs the way to go, or should you be taking it offline? Learn why knowing your audience is key to how you network and build your strategy

Testing to find success: Research, prepare, test and repeat. Find out how you can lean on your inner circle to get your music ready for the world

Decoding the business side of music: Be confident, have a good product – and focus on the money less. Watch these artists and industry execs break down the business side of music

How to sustain your motivation: Want to stay on track? While you shouldn’t cater to the masses, a collective that shares your vision can help keep you motivated. Get more tips like these from artists who’ve been there

Establishing yourself in your artist community: Hear from an artist manager and A&R exec on why it’s important to make yourself visible, be part of a creative community and keep in touch with your contacts

Truth about hiring your team: Of course you want to get pitched or book gigs, but when’s the right time to hire a team? These DJs map out the questions to ask before taking the leap

How to win as an independent artist: There are no formulas for making it as an independent artist. But there is one common thread. Hear what this global DJ thinks is the secret to DIY success

Carving your niche and standing out: Being part of a community doesn’t mean you have to join someone else's. Find out how to start your own scene when your music doesn’t fit within the ones that exist

What makes a community, a community: Your community can be about anything and based anywhere as long as it has one common goal. Find out how this DJ created a London-based radio station to celebrate Lisbon’s electronic scene

Role of streaming in a DJ's world: From shifting mindsets to endless tracks, these DJs discuss how streaming is changing the game for the next generation

Is streaming the future? Are there any setbacks when it comes to streaming technology? These DJs share their opinions on whether they think it’s performance-ready