A New User concern

  • 20 February 2018
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As a new user, I am on here half the day looking for ways to connect with users, artists and anyone connected to my sound to help me improve. Although I do believe that spamming is bad, it is worse that people buy play counts, user comments and reposts. It keeps the same songs on the list in every chart and discovery; it is annoying. I looked for other ways to connect with people and it is bad when the conformity is to cheat to get heard. When I tried to spam the followers, I was put on time-out and warned. No problem, because most of them are just wasted space anyhow. But some did find me and listened to my work. Sending direct emails, really worked because I targeted individuals who seem active and are into the same thing as I am.... I know most of the artist by name in the connected genres of choice and it became an easy approach. The results was staggeringly good. I've even had conversations with some of them... Then I got a warning for this... SIGHS... This being said, Soundcloud does themselves disservice by allowing the pay spammers to cheat the system and punish artist who wish to connect directly with their audience. if nothing else, I look for the artist that have less than 100 plays because, those seem to be about right in plays when it comes to new songs. My point is, it is very hard to find new songs, new artists and anything new with a low play count in the genres that interest me. Put the low counts by load dates with a search genre(not generic)(ex. Hardstyle is not on the list, yet, it should be easily searchable without the worries of the popular songs always being at the top). Eliminate the pay-spammers that do in fact heavily cheat the system by focusing on the new uploads would force the pay-spammers to stop because it would no long be economical. It also bring hope to the independent artist looking to do it the correct way. You want to stop spammers, stop the ones with the pockets to cheat with their crappy stuff. If soundcloud wants to survive and keep up with the likes of web-utilities like Spotify and Youtube, they will need to eliminate the dominance of the high-count cheat-paying spammers and focus on the newer-low count independent artist which is what made soundcloud famous at the beginning. Save Soundcloud, it has the opportunity to keep and build the audience the right way, the money will come later if it is done right. Eliminate the popular choices.

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